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Negativity Buster Session

Unlock a brighter outlook with Tanu Kaushal’s Negativity Buster Session. Here, doubts transform into confidence and fears pave the way for progress. Let go of negativity as Tanu guides you toward embracing the light.

Womb Healing Session

Begin a transformative journey of self-discovery and renewal as Tanu Kaushal gently guides you through practices and rituals. Let go of past burdens and embrace a harmonious connection with your inner self under Tanu’s expert guidance.

Inner Child Healing

Experience the magic of inner child healing and rediscover joy with Tanu Kaushal. Embrace self-love through gentle practices that nurture your soul. Let go of past wounds, cherishing your inner innocence along the way.

Ramal Shastra Reading

oin Tanu Kaushal on a journey of ancient wisdom through our Ramal Shastra Reading service. Dive into personalized insights rooted in tradition. Uncover hidden paths and find clarity on life’s journey.

Crystal healing

Indulge in the comforting touch of crystal healing with Tanu Kaushal. Let these ancient stones work their magic, restoring balance and harmony within you. Feel their gentle energy flow through, revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit

Bandhan Mukti Kriya

Experience freedom from bonds with Tanu Kaushal’s guidance in Bandhan Mukti Kriya. Feel the ancient practices release you from constraints. Embrace newfound
lightness and clarity as you break free.

Akashic Records Reading

 Unlock your Soul’s plan for your present life, understand your purpose in life and get guidances from your guides
and masters to lead a healthy
and happy life

Hypnosis Session

Join Tanu Kaushal’s Hypnosis Session for a transformative journey. Relax deeply and clear your mind with simple steps. Discover hidden abilities and conquer challenges together. Start your journey to self-discovery.

Physical & Emotional Healing

Find relief from physical and emotional pain with Tanu Kaushal’s healing skills. Discover gentle ways to manage and ease discomfort. Rebalance your well-being on a journey to healing. Trust Tanu to lead you toward relief and renewal today

Bach Flower Therapy

Restore emotional balance and well-being with Tanu Kaushal, a Bach Flower Therapy practitioner. Experience personalized flower essence remedies for profound emotional.

Humkara with Haleem Healing

Connect with divine vibrations and inner peace through Humkara with Haleem with Tanu Kaushal, a Master in this transformative spiritual practice.

Lama Fera Healing

Immerse yourself in the ancient healing art of Lama Fera with Tanu Kaushal, a Lama Fera Grandmaster. Experience profound healing for your mind, body, and spirit.

Vastu- Energy Healing

Harmonize your living spaces with Tanu Kaushal, a Vastu-Energy Healer. Experience positive energy flow and well-being through her expertise in Vastu principles and energy healing.

Theta Healing

Experience transformative healing with Tanu Kaushal, a Theta Healer. Through the power of Theta brainwaves, she facilitates profound shifts, helping you overcome challenges.

Shamanic Healing

Journeys: Connect with nature’s wisdom and experience profound healing with Tanu Kaushal, a Shamanic Healer. Through ancient practices of shamanic healing, rituals and journeys.

Past life Regression Therapy session

We had multiple lives and sometimes carry Trauma which has no reasons to haunt us like fears, phobias, repeated cycles and sufferings. Connect with soul and be powerful to heel the past trauma. Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Tanu Kaushal.

TwinFlame Soulmate Healing

Experience the healing touch of Tanu Kaushal’s expertise in nurturing your twin flame or soulmate connection. Dive into deep healing practices to strengthen your bond. Feel the magic of twin flame/soulmate healing with Tanu today.


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